Probable Mechanism of DPT vaccine induced neurological damage

Probable Mechanism of DPT vaccine induced neurological damage:

In implicating pertussis vaccination in the evolution of subsequent neurological residua, a careful consideration of the mechanism for vaccine-induced brain damage plays an important supporting role. Pertussis toxin has been shown to alter cellular signaling. It also affects the catecholaminergic and GABAergic systems in the brain. In addition, a direct, endotoxin-mediated attack on the endothelial cells could create a local defect of the blood-brain barrier. It is being seen that a combination of one or more bacterial toxins, asphyxia, Co2 retention and loss of cerebral autoregulation is responsible for neurological symptoms.

Encephalopathy manifests with alteration of sensorium or generalized or focal seizures that persist for more than a few hours. Occurrence of hypotensive-hyporesponsive shock or post-vaccination encephalopathy is a contra-indication of further doses of the pertussis component. This should be explained to the guardians. Other manifestations that indicate occurrence of encephalopathy include: seizures with or without fever occurring within 3 days of immunization and persistent, severe, inconsolable screaming or crying for 3 or more hours within 48 hours of immunization. Usually, these are not associated with permanent sequel. Previously, occurrence of these events also meant withdrawal of pertussis component from doses to be received in future. However, it is now recommended that all factors should be considered while advising regarding DPT vaccination in future in these children.

Association of severe reactions made the whole- cell pertussis vaccine highly unpopular among many communities and countries and spurred research for safer vaccines. Some European countries even went to the extent of withdrawing (whole-cell) pertussis vaccination; only to find an increased incidence of and increased morbidity due to pertussis amongst infants and young children in the community. An acellular pertussis vaccine (Designated as aP) is now available in several countries including India. It contains purified, inactivated components of B. pertussis. The acellular vaccine is as potent as the whole cell vaccine, but it is still associated with neurological complications described with whole-cell vaccine, albeit at a much lower frequency. It is also credited with lesser incidence of local side effects as well as decreased incidence of severe reactions like seizures and hypotensive episodes. However, the vaccine is expensive and it is unlikely that it would be included in the Indian National immunization schedule in near future.


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  1. Jeffrey says:

    The Most Bitter Debate
    There is no greater rancor in medicine than the autism-vaccine debate, and this debate has reached the federal vaccine court where 5000 autistic kids and their families are requesting compensation for vaccine injury. In California it is a illegal to inject newborns with the mercury containing vaccines (such as the thimerosol Hep-B Shot), and it should be crime in your state as well.
    Hepatitis B is transmitted with IV drug abuse, or via promiscuity, both of which are somewhat impossible for newborns.  It is much safer to wait until the child is 3 years old to give the shot.
    Hopefully, the injection of mercury into newborns will soon become a relic of the ancient past, taking its rightful place in the museum along with bloodletting and leeches. Until then, there is much work to be done to remove mercury from our vaccinations. As a nation, we can’t afford not to.
    Thousands of families are reporting their normal children changed after receiving mercury-containing vaccines, and began displaying Autism symptoms (which mimic mercury poisoning).
    There are many videos posted on U-Tube showing a typical story. The new born child develops normally, is then vaccinated and becomes autistic.  After biologic treatment by a DAN physician the child dramatically improves.
    (Click Here for Video)
    Read more at:Autism and Mercury Vaccines by Jeffrey Dach MD
    Jeffrey Dach MD4700 Sheridan Suite T Hollywood Fl 33021954-983-1443my web site

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